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Our people

We are a clinically led group (led by GPs and other health professionals), accountable not only to NHS England, but also to our patients, the public and the local authority through the local Health and Wellbeing Board.

Here you can discover more about our leadership and organisation, including information on our members, governing body and partners.

Our members

Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is a membership organisation, made up of all the GP practices in Bristol.

Member practices agree the CCG’s governance arrangements set out in our constitution.

Not all GPs are directly involved in the work of the CCG, but each practice nominates a representative. Their role is to share information on the work of the CCG with wider practice members, challenge and review CCG plans, and feed back patients’ views.

In addition, some GPs from our member practices are elected as clinical leaders and members of our governing body.

In these cases the CCG provides the cost of clinical cover, enabling practices to release GPs for CCG work.

Our member practices

Cover for Bristol CCG Constitution

Bristol CCG Constitution

This constitution is made between the members of NHS Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group and has effect from May 2017.

Our localities

Because we commission healthcare for nearly half a million people and there are differences in health needs across the city, we have divided our GP practices into three localities, which cover:

  • Inner City and East Bristol
  • North and West Bristol
  • South Bristol.

Each locality has a locality executive group (LEG) made up of elected GP practice members who lead on particular areas of work for the CCG.

Two members from each LEG are elected onto the governing body by their members.

Our localities

Our governing body

A governing body of 13 people lead the CCG. Members include member practice representatives (GPs and a practice manager), executive directors, two lay members, a secondary care doctor and a registered senior nurse.

The governing body is responsible for:

  • ensuring that the CCG functions effectively and efficiently 
  • setting the CCG’s vision and strategy
  • approving the CCG’s commissioning plans and financial policies
  • monitoring local providers’ performance and quality 
  • approving annual reports
  • ensuring that the CCG debate issues in an open and transparent way.

Our governing body members

Our partners

We work with a number of local and national partners to commission high-quality healthcare for the people of Bristol. Our partners include Bristol City Council, local hospitals, mental health and community service providers, and voluntary and community groups.

Our partners

Cover for Bristol CCG Governance Structure

Bristol CCG Governance Structure

Our Governance Structure - updated August 2016.