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Bristol’s health priorities

We address health and wellbeing issues in Bristol by working with Bristol City Council to develop our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

The JSNA details Bristol’s demographic data and shows trends and areas of health inequalities, enabling us to assess the future health and care needs of our local communities. The JSNA is updated periodically and is used as a basis for our commissioning decisions.

The work of analysing the JSNA and recommending commissioning priorities falls to the Bristol Health and Wellbeing Board, made up of elected senior representatives from the local authority, clinical leaders from the CCG, and members of public health and community groups. The aim of this Board is to promote more joined-up decision-making between organisations for the benefit of the local population.

The Board produces a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which provides direction on long-term commissioning priorities for health and social care in the city.

This carefully considered longer-term strategy informs our own plans and priorities.

What we do

Health and Wellbeing Board

Health challenges informed by this work include:

  • tackling the stark health inequalities between affluent and deprived areas
  • addressing the health needs of a rapidly growing, young and ethnically diverse population – more children under 16 live in Bristol than people aged over 65, which is unusual compared with other cities
  • improving the health of children in care and of disadvantaged children – over a quarter of Bristol children grow up in poverty
  • tackling premature death caused by cancer, which remains the biggest killer of people aged under 75 in the city (38 per cent)
  • addressing the health needs of those who are living longer and with long-term conditions such as dementia, especially those aged over 75 who are living alone
  • improving partnerships between GPs and community health and social care workers to help tackle health inequalities
  • commissioning services for health conditions caused by high levels of obesity and smoking and rising rates of alcohol consumption, and also commissioning health promotion services to try to reduce these problems in the future
  • improving access to healthcare from Bristol’s increasing black and minority ethnic (BME) population, working closely with the voluntary and community sector

Our biggest health challenge is to reduce the stark differences in health within Bristol.

Find out how we’re tackling health inequalities in each of our localities.

Our localities

Cover for Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2016/17 Data Profile

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2016/17 Data Profile

The Joint strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) 2016-17 data profile of health and wellbeing in Bristol. It was agreed by the Bristol Health and Wellbeing Board in December 2016.

Cover for Bristol Health and Wellbeing Strategy October 2013

Bristol Health and Wellbeing Strategy October 2013

The Health and Wellbeing Board approved its strategy for Bristol in July 2013. It addresses our local health priorities based on evidence from our Joint Strategic Health Assessment, stakeholder and public feedback.