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Personal Medical Services (PMS) Review

NHS England has undertaken a national review of Personal Medical Services (PMS) contracts which affects most GP practices in Bristol.

Some practices are gaining additional funding and some will lose funding as the process was designed to support fairer distribution of Primary Care funding for the core GP contract at a locality level.

However in Bristol more practices will gain funding than lose funding.

Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group's (CCG) role was to reinvest the premium funding, that is, the additional funding some practices have had historically, across all Bristol practices in a way that supports the local health objectives while meeting the criteria set down by NHS England.

Cover for PMS Review: Principles, process and timeline

PMS Review: Principles, process and timeline

This sets out the arrangements which will operate across NHS England South West to undertake the contract changes associated with the national requirement to review PMS contracts.

Cover for PMS Review: Message from Dr Martin Jones

PMS Review: Message from Dr Martin Jones

NHS England are currently undertaking a review of all Personal Medical Services (PMS) contracts and are seeking to both align payments between PMS and GMS contractors and between PMS practices, as there are still some significant variations between how much each practice ...

Agreeing the methodology

On Tuesday 17 November 2015 a decision was made by the Finance, Planning and Performance Committee (FPP) to agree the methodology for the reinvestment of the PMS premium funding and this decision was ratified by NHS England on Monday 23 November and went to Bristol CCG's Governing Body meeting on Tuesday 24 November 2015.

The approach which has been agreed is to reinvest £5.4 million premium funding across all practices over 5 years to deliver supplementary activities, using the Carr Hill weighted formula, as this is the only nationally negotiated and widely used formula to fund practices according to patient need.

Over the next 5 years

NHS England is allowing a 5 year period for the implementation of the reduction in funding which will give practices time to adjust.

We expect this decision to result in the reduction of unwarranted variation between practices and that patients will be able to expect the same level of high quality care and access to services at any practice in Bristol.