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Adult community health services

Bristol Clinical Commissiong Group (CCG) are the organisation responsible for planning, organising and purchasing hospital and community health services to ensure that the health needs of Bristol’s population of over 425,000 people are met.

We want to improve adult community health services (CHS) for Bristol and as part of this we are reviewing the way these services are delivered - the service model.

The services we are talking about 

There are many services involved within adult CHS and these include:

  • Community nursing
  • Community respiratory team
  • Diabetes nurse specialists
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rapid response
  • Walk-in centres
  • Community Learning Disability Teams

See a full list of services:

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Detailed List of Adult Community Health Services in Bristol as of July 2014

Areas for improvement

We know that staff work hard to provide the best possible care, but there are areas where the current services can be improved. This is partly because the way services are organised which means that care is not always joined up.

We have been told that patients are often visited or cared for by many different professionals. This is confusing to them and they do not know who is responsible for them. The services sometimes appear to be “disconnected”. Also, often the patient or their carer has to repeat information to each professional that they meet because it is not readily available to be shared.

We spent six months (January to July 2014) asking people for their views on current services and what they think needs to change to make services better in the future.

Where we are now

The Health & Wellbeing Board on 26th February 2015 endorsed the proposal to pursue an integrated health and social care adult community service model in line with the Better Care Bristol.

This will mean a two year delay to the re-commissioning of Adult Community Health Services, to allow time to develop new models of care.

There will be a need to undertake some “test and learn” pilot projects in conjunction with the Better Care Programme developments, and provider reconfigurations arising from the 5 Year Forward View, before Bristol CCG and the Council are in a position to set out a service description in a service specification.

Joined up services

Feedback from our initial engagement phase showed a clear desire for joined up services, designed around people rather than processes, and delivered as close to home as possible.

This is a major change in approach that will transform the separate services into one and improve access, quality and value for money. A series of “test and learn” pilot projects will be carried out in order to help scope out the overall service model.

We will also be working closely with the Better Care Programme (Better Care Bristol) on the co-commissioning of primary care services and, in light of the NHS Five Year Forward View looking to redesign some ways in which services currently delivered within acute trusts are delivered.

Better Care Programme

From September 2016

The formal re-commissioning of Adult Community Health Services will recommence in September 2016 with a view to launching a competitive procurement process in October 2017.

In the meantime, we are agreeing a two year extension of the current provider’s contract (Bristol Community Health) which will deliver continuity of community health services for all patients whilst the recommissioning work takes place.

A continuation of services

Bristol Community Health is providing high quality clinical services with positive feedback from patients GP’s and local acute hospitals.

The organisation also has a strong track record of flexibility, service improvement and redesign and a willingness to trial new ways of working.

This will be invaluable in carrying out vital ‘test and learn’ pilot projects as part of scoping the new proposed service model. 

What you have said so far

Find out more

If you have any questions, would like further information email or telephone 0117 976 6600. 

We are committed to developing out of hospital care and support and a sustainable model of health and social care for Bristol and look forward to working with you.

How you can get involved

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