Penile prosthesis

  • Related keywords: Penile prosthesis, Penis, Erectile dysfunction
  • Date: 15 Sep 2016
  • Who applies for funding: NHS England (NHSE)

Referral Route:

NHS England (NHSE)

NHS England – Since 1st April 2013 a number of interventions where commissioning responsibility was previously with the CCG transferred to NHS England.  This includes bariatric surgery (obesity, gastric bands and revisions), bone anchored hearing aids and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. For the majority of NHS England policies it is the responsibility of the hospital consultant to apply for funding, although the referring GP should ensure that their patient meets the criteria before referral. NHS England individual funding requests must be completed on separate NHS England forms which are available from (please put for the attention of IFR South in the subject box)or by calling 0113 824 9927.

Since September 2016, Penile Prosthesis surgery is routinely commissioned by NHS England. This surgery was previously not routinely funded by the CCG.

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