Our Constitution

Date: 1 Jun 2016

Category: Commissioning

This Constitution sets out the arrangements made by our Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to meet its responsibilities for commissioning healthcare services. The governing principles, rules and procedures established by Bristol CCG to ensure correctness and accountability in its day-to-day running are described in the Constitution. These rules cover the decision-making processes of the CCG, ensuring that decisions are taken in an open and transparent way, so that the interests of patients and the public remain central to our goals.

What we do

The NHS Constitution for England brings together in one place details of what staff, patients and the public can expect from the National Health Service (NHS). 

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Cover for Bristol CCG Constitution

Bristol CCG Constitution

This constitution is made between the members of NHS Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group and has effect from May 2017.

Cover for Governing Body Meeting 26 January 2016: Item 23

Governing Body Meeting 26 January 2016: Item 23

Process to Seek Amendment of Bristol CCG Constitution