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Spend over £25K

Date: 07 Mar 2018

Category: Governance

All expenditure over £25,000 is published here on a monthly basis.

Governance: documents

Date: 29 Jan 2018

Category: Governance

Includes strategies on information governance, standing financial instructions and joint working.

Board Sub Committee Terms of Reference

Date: 21 Dec 2017

Category: Governance

Terms of reference for the Board sub committees including Audit, Governance and Risk Committee, Remuneration Committee, Strategic Finance Committee, Quality Committee and Clinical Operational Executive Committee.

Clinical Forum Minutes

Date: 03 Oct 2017

Category: Governance

Minutes from the Clinical Forum which is held monthly in the three localities in Bristol.

Better Payment Practice Code

Date: 23 Jun 2017

Category: Governance

Each month we publish our measure of compliance with the Better Payment Practice Code.

Equality and diversity: documents

Date: 12 May 2017

Category: Governance

Our Equality, diversity and human right strategy, EDS Outcomes Summary and Equality and Diversity in Employment Policy.

Equality Impact Assessments (EIA)

Date: 30 Nov 2016

Category: Governance

Equality impact assessments (EIA) help us assess the likely (or actual) effects of our policies on people in respect of disability, gender,including gender identity, and racial equality