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Self-care is perfect if your condition is something you will be able to treat at home – in fact, home is the best place for you.

A big part of your recovery from these minor illnesses is to rest and drink plenty of fluid. You can plan ahead by stocking up on healthcare essentials you might need, like paracetamol – ask your pharmacist for advice on stocking your home medicines cabinet. 

If you are ill and don't have these in your house, ask a friend, family member or carer to get them on your behalf.

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Minor ailments scheme

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The NHS Choices symptom checker can help you identify your condition and what to do next.

NHS Choices

Caring for a poorly child?

NHS Choices has detailed guidance for parents and carers about looking after a poorly child.

The HANDi smartphone app provides support for six common childhood illnesses. It’s free to download for Apple and Android phones.

Norovirus: stop the spread!

Norovirus is one of the most common stomach bugs in the UK and it’s highly contagious.

Although it usually goes away after a few days, it can be more serious for more vulnerable patients so it’s important to avoid spreading it to others.

If you have norovirus symptoms, you’re advised to stay at home, to not go in to hospital to visit friends or relatives and to be extra vigilant in terms of hygiene.

Norovirus symptoms and advice

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