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Get 2017 off to a healthy start with a Dry January

Drinking above the daily limits of alcohol increases the risk of many common diseases and injuries.

Many people end up in hospital with conditions estimated to be attributable to alcohol, including cancers; high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver, stroke and depression.

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Alcohol can cause seven types of cancer – breast, liver, bowel, pharyngeal (upper throat), laryngeal (voice box) and oesophageal (food pipe).

Research shows having just one or two standard alcoholic drinks per day increases your risk of several cancers. Each drink per day increases the risk in women of developing breast cancer by between 7% - 12%.

"Alcohol misuse in Bristol is worrying. People are surprised about the long term effects that alcohol can have on their bodies and in our city many people end up in hospital with conditions related to drinking."
"Dry January is a good time to give our bodies a rest from alcohol and to note the benefits. It could be a springboard to deciding to keep a longer term check on how much you are drinking."

- Dr Martin Jones, chair of Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group

Will you 'go dry' for January?

Dry January is a campaign led by Alcohol Concern which challenges you to give up alcohol for the month and to get the conversation started on the damaging effects of drinking.

The benifits of cutting alcohol include:

  • Feeling more energetic.
  • Sleeping better or even snoring less.
  • Cutting the calories and losing weight – did you know one pint of cider equals 375 calories which is equivalent to eating 1.3 burgers or 38mins running!
  • Healthy skin.
  • More money in your pocket.
  • Experiencing a sense of achievement.

If you want to have a Dry January – with all the benefits that it brings with it – you can sign up at

It is an ideal time to ‘go dry’ for a month.

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Cancer Research UK is organising a dry January initiative of its own in the shape of its ‘Dryathlon’, and is asking everyone to take on the challenge of going sober for January.

The campaign will raise funds for cancer research as well as bringing a range of health benefits to anyone taking part.


For more information about alcohol and your health, and for practical tips to help you cut down, visit NHS Choices. 

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