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Keeping fit and eating well

Even small changes to you and your family’s daily routine, physical activity and eating habits can make a big difference to the health and wellbeing of you all. Increased physical activity, maintaining healthy weight, eating a balanced diet and playing sports can not only prevent illness, but can improve your mood, confidence, sleep and concentration.

If you’d like to get more exercise and discover healthier ways to eat, you’ll find lots of advice and information online and at Change4Life and Bristol City Council.


Bristol City Council

Eating well

Information on healthy diets

Getting fit & out and about

Active Bristol

Active Bristol has created the Get Active database to help people of all ages and abilities find fun things to do to keep themselves active. Find things to do in your area on the Get Active database and find out more about Active Bristol at Bristol City council’s website.

Local leisure and sports centres

Bristol has a wide range of sports centres and clubs where you can meet others and keep fit. Find out more at Bristol City Council (sport and fitness).

Walk for Health Bristol

Walk for Health Bristol is an initiative that supports Bristol’s diverse communities in becoming more active through walking. It provides group walks for people of all ages and a range of walking abilities, led by volunteers. 

Physical activity referral scheme

If you have a medical condition – such as diabetes – and you are not very active, please find out more about the physical activity referral scheme.

NHS Choices

Learn more about the benefits of exercise and get advice on exercising safely at NHS Choices.

Keeping active

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