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Integrated Personal Commissioning

Some people with complex long-term care needs may have a personal budget from their local council, receive services or a personal health budget from the NHS, and also receive support from their local community or voluntary services. Because there are so many organisations involved in one person’s care and support, this does not always result in a joined up approach or common plan.

Integrated Personal Commissioning is aimed at trying to change this and join services up through developing a joint person-led care and support plan. This will enable: 

  • Better integration and quality of care.
  • People with complex needs and their carers to have a better quality of life (and can achieve the outcomes that are important to them).
  • Preventing crises in people’s lives that lead to unplanned hospital and institutional care.

This may include an individual receiving a direct payment to buy their care and support if appropriate.

Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Bristol City Council and a number of local voluntary and community organisations have partnered up and are involved in the South West Integrated Personal Commissioning Programme to test this approach. 

South West Integrated Personal Commissioning