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Tuberculosis (TB) service

Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group is a key partner in the strategy to tackle Tuberculosis (TB) in the city. Whilst there are proportionally low rates in the overall population, compared to global figures, incidents of TB are on the rise in Bristol

As part of the NHS 5 year forward view, a targeted approach is being taken to treat TB and raise awareness in communities that are more likely to be affected – TB is not just an illness that affects those with respiratory conditions or the elderly, but also impacts people in their twenties.

Bristol Community Health

A nurse-led support, care and information service for patients with TB is provided by Bristol Community Health. The team has specialist skills in supporting those from migrant communities, providing outreach and support to people with active or latent TB in Bristol.

It also arranges identification and screening for people who’ve been exposed to the disease.

Bristol Community Health

You can find out more information about the national strategy to tackle TB on the NHS England website:

NHS England

This video animation from The Truth About TB highlights the most common symptoms of TB: